10 ml Amber Glass Bottle with Steel Ball Roll-on (6-pack)

10 ml Amber Glass Bottle with Steel Ball Roll-on (6-pack)

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Whether you use this amber glass bottle with steel ball roll-on to hold your favourite massage oil or an essential oil blend, its roll-on top will allow you to apply your product directly where you need it and do so smoothly and evenly.

This stunning amber glass roll-on bottle is the perfect size to hold your favourite essential oil blends and carry them with you wherever you go. When you are out and about and need your oils, you can get out your bottle, roll oil where you need it, and be at the top of your game.

What’s Included: This item is sold in a 6-pack. When you order, you get six 10-ml amber glass with steel ball roll-on and included cap.

Size: Bottle holds approximately 10 ml of liquid, or about ⅓ ounce.

How to Use:

  1. For the best results when using essential oils in roll-on bottles, you may want to use a carrier oil like our Coconut Oil or V6 Vegetable Oil.

  2. To add liquid to this roll-on glass bottle, it is easiest to use a glass dropper or pipette for the most efficient transfer of oils. Just suck the liquid up from the container you have mixed it in (or directly from the essential oil bottle) and squeeze it into the amber glass bottle.

  3. While holding the bottle upright, push the roller top firmly onto the top of the bottle until it clicks into place.

  4. Screw the cap on over the roll-on ball.

  5. Store bottles upright to prevent spills.

Helpful Hints:

Don’t forget to label your bottles! Whether you are keeping them for yourself or giving them away, labels will help you remember what’s inside and avoid misuse.


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