Simplified Chinese Essential Oils Desk Reference 6th Edition

Simplified Chinese Essential Oils Desk Reference 6th Edition

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The Simplified Chinese translation of the 6th edition of the Essential Oils Desk Reference is your comprehensive guide to the vast properties and capabilities of pure essential oils. Its compilation is based upon the factual findings of scientific research and provides a clear, comprehensive guide to using essential oils. Spiral binding allows pages to open completely and lie flat, facilitating transition from reading to oil application. Color-coding of six main sections makes the Essential Oils Desk Reference easy to use.

A brief overview of each section is as follows:

Section 1: Introduction

  • A Brief History of Essential OIls and Their Place in Modern Medicine

  • A Breakdown of the chemistry of Essential Oils and Effects

  • How to Safely Use Essential Oils

Section 2: Products

  • Single Essential Oils and Their Application Codes

  • Essential Oil Blends and Their Application Codes

  • Nutritional References and Supplements

  • Ningxia

  • Hormones and Personal Body Care

  • Essential Oils and Nutrition for Children

  • Essential Oils Use in the Home

  • Animal Care with Essential Oils

Section 3: Application

  • Neuro Auricular Technique

  • Lymphatic Pump

  • Vita Flex Technique

  • Raindrop Technique

Section 4: Special Issues

  • Mental and Emotional Rejuvenation and Support

  • Aging

  • Cleansing and Diet

  • Enzymes, Minerals, and Water

  • Antioxidants

  • Microbes

Section 5: Personal Usage

  • Getting Started with Essential Oils

  • Quick Usage Guide

  • Taking Charge of Your Health

Section 6: Appendix