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10 Oils Wellness (Simplified Chinese)

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This practical book focuses on the ten essential oils from the China Premium Starter Kit. Detailed introduction on the efficacy, benefits and usage of the ten essential oils from the kit which help to becoming healthier. Also, detailed guidance on how to use these ten essential oils to blend different recipes even beginners can easily use them.

Traditional Chinese medicine encourages natural plant support and improves health, which is a proactive approach to health. There is now a natural alternative that uses plants and applies modern methods and ancient wisdom: 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.

As a global leader in essential oils, producing and selling 81 single essential oils, 43 dietary essential oils, 83 blended essential oils, and numerous natural products. This is really an overwhelming advantage.

This is why Life Science Publishing has written this guide for you. This practical booklet details the top ten essential oils, allowing you to take your healthier path with your family. This book is a simple and perfect sharing tool to help you dismantle the secrets of using natural essential oils!

Table of Contents:

What is essential oil??????

Essential oil grade

Only refine the best

Basic criteria

Base oil and dilution

Support body system

How to use your essential oils

Shiatsu massage acupoint technique

The power of true assurance


Peppermint essential oil

Lemon essential oil

Frankincense essential oil

Wintergreen essential oil

Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil

Tea Tree

Citrus Fresh TM

Raven TM

Panaway TM

Essential oil quick chart


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