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Aroma Tote 16 vial 2-ml or 5/8 dram Case (Black/Golden Zipper)

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This neoprene, stretch-padded zipper case holds 16 vials in elastic form-fitting pockets. Each bottle may hold up to 2 ml of essential or carrier oil and stays in place. Full elastic coverage keeps glass safe from scratch and impact.


Create the perfect essential oil kit with this keychain / carabineer attached, zippered carrying case. Padded neoprene keeps oils safe while elastic pockets hold each bottle in place. Clear outer pocket allows for labeling and indexing oils and usage. Black casing with golden??zippers and gold??logo with tagline make this case instantly recognizable as a first aid collection.

What?€?s Included: 1 neoprene, padded, zippered case with capacity for 16 2-ml or 5/8 vials, keychain attachment, carabineer

Size: 4.25?€? x 3.5?€? x 1.75?€? (case), 7/8?€? (key ring), 1.75?€? (carabineer)

How to Use:

Gather your best first aid essential oils and fill 14 of the vials with essentials and two with specialized carrier oils for administering first aid.
Helpful Hints: Use with LSP?€?s 2-ml colored bottles to ensure maximum effectiveness and hold up to 50 drops of essential oil from a regular 15-ml bottle.

Disclaimer: Bottles are not included with the purchase of this item.