Great Room Diffuser

Great Room Diffuser

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Add the Life Science Great Room Diffuser to any room in your home for an instant air upgrade and atmospheric lighting. Used in conjunction with your favorite essential oils, the Great Room Diffuser will turn your house into a peaceful, healing place.


Add your favorite essential oils to this top-of-the-line diffuser and enjoy the benefits of healing air anywhere in your home. In addition to diffusing oils, the Life Science Great Room Diffuser humidifies air to just the right amount of moisture, and it also has the ability to act as a peaceful LED night light.

What’s Included: This item is sold individually. When you order, you get one Life Science Great Room Diffuser.

Size: The Life Science Great Room Diffuser is approximately 8 inches tall by 7 inches wide.


Built-in safety system automatically turns diffuser off when diffuser runs out of liquid.

Using ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation, the Great Room Diffuser is able to diffuse a super-fine mist.

Great Room Diffuser is easy to use, with one button for LED control and one button for diffuser control.

Great Room Diffuser offers a soothing LED night light in addition to its humidifying and diffusing capabilities.

How to Use:

When ready to diffuse healthful oils, simply lift the top off of the Great Room base.

Fill the tank in the base with water past the minimum fill sensor.

Add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oils.

Replace the cover.

Plug the diffuser into an outlet.

Turn the diffuser on by pressing the mist control button.

Immense reservoir capacity of 600 ml
Extensive operating time of 10+ hours
Adjustable mist output
Night light underneath base
Calming white light (can be switched on or off)
Portable water tank for easy water refilling
Covers 600 to 800 square feet
Safety system which includes an automatic shut down
Faux wood color promotes natural well being
Power cord operated
Special Note: If you do not fill the base of the diffuser up with enough water the lights will flash every 2 seconds. Once you have filled the diffuser with water past the minimum level sensor the diffuser lights will stop flashing and the diffuser will work as intended. Diffuser will shut off automatically with about 1 inch of water left in the diffuser due to minimum level sensor.