Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils 2nd Edition

Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils 2nd Edition

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Give your body a fresh start through powerful cleanses using essential oils. In this book, LeAnne and David Deardeuff will teach you how to eliminate the toxins that are plaguing your body.

If you are ready to reset your body for increased energy and vibrant health, Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils is an invaluable tool that will show you how. In this book, husband and wife team Doctors LeAnne and David Deardeuff lead you on a path to cleansing your body of toxins through carefully-constructed cleanses that purify one organ at a time. Learn how to clear toxins out of your colon, eliminate yeast, create a healthy gut, maintain your liver, and support your lungs, glands, and other major body systems. Using powerful essential oils, Dr. Deardeuff will show you how to give your body a complete reset and enjoy the resulting health and vitality.

Overview of Topics:

  • Is your body toxic?
  • To everything there is a time and a season
  • Essential oils: Gold of the gods
  • The colon: Don't block the exit
  • The critical role of gut bacteria
  • The kidney: Murky mere or crystal clear
  • Yeast infections: Surprisingly deadly
  • The master cleanse and more
  • The liver: Your body's chemical plant
  • Metals and more: Modern hazards
  • Other important organs
  • Colon and Lungs
  • Other body systems that may need attention
  • Sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • Pituitary, thyroid, adrenals: Glands that make you go
  • Infertility and sex hormones
  • Cleansing and nutrition for prospective mothers
  • Children and essential oils
  • Perils of modern times: Diabetes, obesity, allergies
  • Building blocks of better health
  • A few words about detoxification reactions
  • Stress: Don't let it wear on you

Product Details:

Pages: 268

Chapters: 22

Published: 2014